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July 24 2012


Renovations Edmonton

The Edmonton Renovation Show may be the first consumer show of year that opens for the public and sets the popularity for events for the rest of the entire year. This event concentrates on home and lifestyle and attracts builders and renovators, gardening experts, interior designers, door and window contractors, suppliers, plumbers, furniture and lifestyle product manufacturers. Every year, this show is held in the Expo Centre in Northlands, Edmonton.

Edmonton renovations
Dubbed Canada's cultural capital, Edmonton houses over 2500 events every year and countless visitors attend these shows. The majority of the shows are held at the Northlands Edmonton EXPO Center which hosts consumer shows in addition to trade shows closed for the public. Major shows will be the Alberta Gift Show, Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show, the Farm Fair Agricultural Show and The National Franchise & Work at home opportunities Show.

In regards to the Show

Edmonton renovations

A much awaited consumer event, the show is one thing home owners who're thinking about remodelling or redecorating eagerly look forward to attending. The show revolves around the structure and decor theme and businesses within this industry are very represented in the show as a lot of business gets transacted during the event.

Exhibitors on the show register well ahead of time so as not to miss out on opportunities as of this massive buying show. You will find hundreds of exhibitors and home industry professionals ready to help customers reach that goal facelift for his or her homes along with other living spaces. The 2012 show saw likeminded professionals getting together with one another.

An expertly organized show, the show allows exhibitors from your construction and real estate industry showcase their finest products while building new contacts. It is also the ideal place where businesses share and discuss various the process of products, services and trends. Homeowners usually make their plans ahead and attend the exhibition. A lot of them buy, book or sign contracts.

A number of the product categories featured at the show are:

* Kitchen products including cabinets and countertops

* Bathroom, kitchen and bath hardware

* Wall, roofing materials and flooring products

* Basement systems

* Building and roofing materials and products

* A wide range of curtains, drapes, blinds

* Lighting products

* Heating cooling systems and fireplaces

* Home theatre products

* Furnishings

The profile with the guests ranges from architects to developers, homeowners, regulators, commercial homeowners and public academics. The show is aptly titled the small show with big results and spread over 72 hours. Every year, the show highlights a certain industry.

Website visitors to the show, who originate from away, find convenient hotels like the Coliseum Inn nearby. Here, prominent home remodeling television events personalities talk to homeowners, offering cost-effective suggestions to transform their house. Here is the biggest annual building material and architectural show where local and international companies participate.

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